Reiki Meditation- A Proven Energy Healing Practice

By | July 19 2019
reiki meditation

In the current scenario, where we all are highly engaged in our lives, finding complete silence is a hard job. The noise created by the world around us deprives us of simple and subtle experiences.

This excessive clutter leads to many ailments related to mind & body, and we get dependent on medicines, whereas we forget that there is an ancient Japanese healing practice that can bring the universal energy in your body?

That is incredible…isn’t it?

Yes, it is quite intriguing, and the technique I am refereeing to is none other than Reiki Meditation.

What’s that???

Well, we all have heard about Reiki, but what is Reiki Meditation combo?

To know more read this post…

First and the foremost, let’s take a quick look at …What Is Reiki?

The word ‘Reiki’ stands for ‘spiritually guided life force energy,’ in the 1920s, a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui brought a natural healing system called Reiki.

Since then Reiki’s healing approach is extremely unique & engaging. It is very incredible to see how the hands can transfer & restore the life energies into the body, by healing it physically and mentally.

With this, very healing technique practitioner brings the healing properties and one of the best and most significant Reiki’s techniques is Reiki meditation.

Let’s check it out ahead…

What Is Reiki Meditation?

Well, to be précised Reiki meditation is a healing process which allows us to experience silence and a quiet mind. The energy flows from the Reiki is full of meditative energy, also the inclusion of symbols and mantras just transmute the complete cycle of meditation experience.

Benefits Of Reiki Meditation

  • It helps you relax the mind and reduces stress
  • It brings clarity of thought
  • It increases your perception and visualization
  • It raises your consciousness and incurs better problem-solving techniques
  • It is a perfect option for post-surgery healing
  • It promotes good sleep
  • It works work wonders with other healing/medical processes
  • It removes energy blocks in the body, enabling free energy flow
  • It is a self-development and transformation tool

Ways to practice the Reiki Meditation Technique

Cleanses The System

Many of feel that Reiki is just a healing technique for the healing purpose, which is right, but there is another aspect of Reiki as well, which clearly states that it helps in cleansing your mind, body & soul.

Yes, the cleansing can be experienced, by sitting down or lie down comfortably with a straight back. Ensure to cut all the chaos of life from your mind, and be calm, composed, and relaxed.

Now take a deep breath and visualize yourself inhaling all the happiness and goodness you needed and exhaling out the negative emotions, like depression, fear, and anxiety, are being flushed out of your system.

Once you breathe in this way for a couple of times, then you may observe that your mind and body tune into it and relax.

Understand Chakra Forces

Not many of us know that there are seven chakras in our body, which stats as a base of our spine to the top of our head, these are the energy centers of the body.

By placing the hand in front of the body at each chakra area and hold at each position for a few minutes, this largely depends on the specific need of the body.

For the best healing practice, it is always better to listen to your body and let your hand stay there for a little longer.

The feel your hand gives to your body is the best way to connect & listen to your body.

When the hands tune into the body through hands, the life force of the universe enters into your body through the hands, and the chakras create that passage. It goes without saying but this lets your body to feel reverberate with this energy flow, and acquire the state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Healing Through Hands

Yeah, that is the basic concept of Reiki when you get the healing through hands.

You can make it happen by placing your palms together on top of the head. Hold the hands there and try to listen to your body with care and attention.

Meanwhile, practice breathing deeply and slowly, this will ensure to remove the negativity and would include the positivity into your system. In the same manner you can place hands on the forehead and then at the back of the head, then carry it further to the throat and put one hand gently on it and the other on the back of your neck.

You may find immense peace, relaxation, and energy-releasing in your parts, which are healed through Reiki meditation.

A Final Thought

Reiki itself is a healing technique, and once it is combined ahead with meditation, then it turns out to be a great tool to bring serenity in life. However, many people around us consider it to be practiced, once you are taking some sessions, but one of the best traveling apps, PVTG is making it possible to experience the magical healing at the best, even on your trip.

Yes, you heard me all clear, now the healing characteristics of Reiki Meditation are very much possible to be attained while being on a trip.

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