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By | July 5 2019
Zen Travel

I love traveling, and am sure just like me many out there, also love traveling, which is not at all a wrong choice.

Travelling comes with full baggage of stress, anxiety and sometimes depression, which goes along well, with the travel as an unwanted gift hamper, which stays in your mind, whereas your baggage relaxes on your shoulder.

I don’t know whether the hotel would be good? What if I will not get the transport? What will happen after returning to work?

These are some of the stressful questions, which keep on banging in your mind, even when you are not working on your system, but your mind constantly works on creating the ill design clustered with the confusions and doubts, constantly.

Ahh, this does really happen and there is no second opinion to it.

Let’s accept this that we all get to deal with the stress and anxiety, which comes along with the excessive load of traveling baggage.

But is there a way to handle it?

TBH, none of us gets the privilege to enjoy the true essence of traveling and meet its real aim with a travel plan. Eventually, we all start with great enthusiasm and energy, to lift up the spirits, but as the trip proceeds, it turns tiring and exhaustive for us, and with low energy, we end up eating our own aura of happiness and positivity.

Alas, this is the sad fact we all deal with, and cannot find out one perfect solution to combat the issues.

But there is one specific technique which would ultimately help you to survive the odds of traveling stress and that is


What Is The Concept Of Zen Travel?

ZEN stands for peace and helps in completing the state of awareness, where you experiences a new world in your surroundings, and explore further who you are and what is your purpose in life.

ZEN is not just about being self, but it also speaks of the state of mind, body, and soul.

And when you decide to couple up ZEN with travel, then you get the power of achieving something unthinkable, witness something unimaginable or even experience something out of this world while traveling.

Do you wonder how does this happen?

Well, when we travel, then it is quite easier to overlook and miss out on the smaller things, but it is the inner peace, help us to change the completely ordinary experiences into extraordinary travel moments.

And credit ball goes to ZEN!

So if you too are excited to experience the ZEN travel, then you must read this post further…

Avoid Pushing The Stress Button

When you decide to make a plan for travel then the enthusiasm and the tension which you get is limitless. Since you have to plan with the right app and make the arrangements to be done at the right moment.

A travel app lets you complete the tasks and helps you finish every chaos related to traveling. You simply need to tap on the app screen and let the magic begin.

Choose The RIGHT Destination

If you want your users to enjoy the peace, then location matters a LOT. Hence choose a travel destination that brings inner peace and maximizes leisure time, and makes you forget the urban sprawl.

With a travel app, you get to visit a quieter locale and enjoy the carefree vibes of a place which would bring the spiritual mysticism.

Bring Spontaneity In Your Travel Plan

You know when we plan out a trip, the worst thing happens, that we work on specific guidelines and that really curbs the genuine approach towards enjoying a trip.

Hence it is very much important to pick a travel app, which allows you to be flexible and adaptable enough, to give you enough room to prioritize your excursions and include more in your bucket list.

Unleash Mindful Leisure Activities

A travel experience filled with great next-level zen experience, helps you carve out the recreational activities with a mindfulness practice and immerse in creating a connection with mind & body.

Practicing any sort of healing technique would really help you in abundance and gives you a reason to de-clutter the brain and refresh the body.

Get Space to Rest and Recharge Yourself

Do you think it is easier to be done?

Well, not, because travelling to the already popular and chaotic places, give you only the scenic views, but to explore something beyond it , can only be experienced once you enjoy beyond leisure activities, create the freedom to be lazy and do nothing, this allows you not to indulge in unnecessary chaos, rather carve out ME time specially for you.

Remember, first and foremost, travel is meant to be enjoyed, it need not bring the stress along with, rather it should bring the peace and calmness in your life, which would help you to beat the upcoming challenges in your life.

But it is easier said than done, I totally agree with you, because with travel, stress always comes along, and instead of relishing the scenic backdrops, the noise in your mind doesn’t let you enjoy.

But this very issue is well-answered by one of the best traveling apps, that is none other than PVTG- Pure Vibes Global, as the name suggests, this app allows the users to savor the authentic version of traveling with peace and tranquility, letting you to appreciate the cultural nuances and also enjoy the laughter and memories to be cherished.

This app is actually a getaway from the mundane and an invitation to explore the world to live a better life.

So don’t pack luggage full of stress and worry, but slow down, breathe in the experience and unleash your inner zen with PVTG.

To know more about PVTG, reach: info@purevibesglobal.com or +1 904 425 9738

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