Medellín – A City Of Festivals

By | June 13 2019
City Of Festivals

Medellín, a beautiful city in northwestern Colombia, holds a population of 2.4 million. Today this city has undergone a series of influencers of industrialization and has given an incredible urban growth.

A user can easily move out in a much safer environment which is supported by cultural programs to promote social progress, education, and innovation.

The series of festivals celebrated in Medellín boost social equality and peace among people. In this beautiful city, many festivals throughout the year are celebrated, and make Medellín be a perfect destination for the travelers to enjoy the festive vibes of the city.

However, the only problem which lies with the festivals within Medellín is that they don't announce the formal dates and program of events until a couple of weeks before the event which can make plans to attend them difficult.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy then you must ensure that you have a full-week plan in front of you.

Hey, you don’t need to get panicked, because, in this post, we are going to cover the festivals which are being celebrated in Medellín. Let’s take a look…

  • January

Feria Taurina de la Candelaria

This very festival is brought over from Spain in 1992, and this festival is being celebrated with bullfighting within the Macarena arena. Here you can see the huge venue, which has been estimated to fit 14,000 people and needless to mention, but the crowd fits this ground so well.

  • February

Medellín es Una Ganga

This festival is all about shopping. During this time of the year, major stores and vendors arrange sales. Even this festival’s name means “Medellín is a bargain”. You may find the stores participating and offering great deals to take advantage of.

  • March

Exposición Internacional de Orquídeast

An international orchid festival, which takes place in the botanical gardens. Here you can witness the fusion of colors and admire the beauty of orchids, carnations, geraniums, primroses, and much more.

  • April

The Medellín Book and Culture Festival

Ahh, a perfect abode for the Bibliophiles, this event majorly deals in Book and Culture. Although the celebration dates, the 24th, and 25th of April, the 13th and 14th of June, and September 11th to 20th. But there can be a slight change.


This event happens for over a ten day period 350+, wherein the exhibitors display the finest examples of traditional, indigenous and contemporary art and handicrafts. Relish the Medellín culture with this festival.

  • May & June

Festival Internacional de Tango

Eventually, the tango festival takes places among many squares, parks, and plazas within the  Medellín and you can find Tango lovers celebrating the music and dance of tango, and especially, Carlos Gardel, the father of tango in Medellín.

The Medellín Book and Culture Festival

As mentioned above, this festival takes place in April, June & September every year.


It is an international festival of pop culture and the entertainment industry. Here you can find different cosplay and healthy doses of the nerdy things. You can buy tickets for all three days, or individual days.

  • July

International Poetry Festival

It proffers a great opportunity to poets and gives them an opportunity to enliven their essence of pure magical words.


It takes place somewhere in July and is a fashion celebration and expo. You can explore some of the biggest names in the industry, international and local. Although the admission costs around $80,000 COP and is held in the Plaza Mayor.

  • August

Feria de las Flores

A beautiful Flower Festival, which is the most important and defining festivals for Medellín. For a constant two weeks, you can expect parties, gatherings, food, dancing, and fun to go along with. It takes place during 3-12th August 2018. With PVTG- one of the great travel apps, you can get the right celebration vibes.

International Music Festival

This very festival you can experience, at various cultural venues throughout the city, and simply explain and support the fact that Music is one of the main pillars of culture. You can relish the musical vibes between August 18th and September 7th.

  • September

Medellín Internacional Jazz Festival

It begins at the very starting of September, where the Jazz festival is unique and one of the major celebrations in Medellín. To enjoy the beats of the dance you can go to El Club de Jazz del Parque Commercial El Tesoro.

Photography Festival, Santa Fe

This festival is majorly dedicated to photography with a bunch of free workshops and conferences to attend.

The Medellín Book and Culture Festivals

This very festival has the third slot, which falls in the month of September, so you can be a part and smell the fresh books even in this month.

Huella Folcloriada Medellín

Enjoy the festival revolves around the rich folk dancing of Medellín and happens between the 25th of September and the 4th of October.

  • October


Are you looking forward to enjoying the local food, and satiate that hungry amoeba in your tummy, then head towards this festival, which promotes local food & restaurants.

Flamenco Festival

You can experience this festival promoting Flamenco in all parts of Medellín.

Bird Festival

It starts on Oct 1st and ends on 4th. This very festival celebrates the numerous exotic bird species in Antioquia, also, it promotes the awareness and vast biodiversity that Colombia has to offer.

  • November

Colombia Salsa Fest

It takes place in November in the Plaza Mayor and is the right place to enjoy the best live salsa music in Latin America. You can go for online ticket and book your place to enjoy the vision.

  • December

Festival de las Luces y Alumbrados Navidenos

It means the Festival of Lights and Christmas Lights and is another very important celebration for Antioquia locals. You can find countless, colorful lights admiring the most iconic public squares and plazas - such as Nutibara Hill and the Medellín River Walkway.

Festival de Cine de Antioquia

It is the Film Festival de Antioquia organizers, every year has a total of 15,000 festival-goers, who attend this event. It is indeed a grand event and festival for art & cinema lovers.

So this is a quick tour of Medellín’s festival galore, and these great festivals depict the life, culture and the life of Colombia. To know more what Medellín has got to offer, then you must visit Pure Vibes Global – an app specially designed for the travel lovers, who want to experience the holistic and therapeutic approach with travel.

So don’t wait any longer, but reach PVTG social accounts, and check what more can be experienced at the scope of healthy travel experience.

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