Insanely Powerful Ways To Protect Your Energy

By | July 26 2019
Protect Your Energy

Have you ever felt drained after listening to someone’s conversation?

We all get barged by the negative energy regularly, whether we deal with a rough coworker or that piercing set of eyes which keep on giving you a glare of negativity filled environment.

These are the clear signs of absorbing unwanted energies.

The energy around us exists and it gets highly affected by the type of people and situations we deal with. Although these situations & circumstances are common with everyone and can affect us in several ways, however to protecting energy refers to being aware of your vibration and field of energy; and at the same time to take the mindful actions to keep your energy clear.

It goes without saying but this largely helps in balancing our well-being & emotions as a side effect from this outburst.

Let me be very précised in this context, since a lot many of us are energy sensitive, and it is not a national crime even, but this very sensitivity must not take a toll on your mental peace, affecting your health consequently. Hence there are a couple of practices which need to be considered and are mentioned herewith in this post further, so just take a look ahead…

Healing Power of Reiki

A proven methodology to deal with the stress and anxiety, but do you know this very healing technique has been doing rounds in the global spectrum and is letting the users attain several benefits from it. This can also be used as a practice for energy healing and helps in protecting energy.

The symbols of Reiki can be used for energy protection and clearing.  Some of the best healing practitioners help in getting the Reiki Healing, and the best travel mobile apps like PVTG, help you to buy such crystals from their portal.

Create A Connect With Breathing Pattern

Sadly, when we get to be in touch with something which has negative vibes, then our connection with our very much own breathing pattern gets broken.

You just need to bring back this rhythm to feel more energetic, and this can simply be done by allowing you to practice the proven healing method, in which you need to inhale while visualizing a soft, loving light filling your body, and you must visualize while exhaling that dark energy is leaving your body. It goes without saying but practicing this would bring you in a positive space.

Use Healing Crystals

Many times some of us just ignore the worth of crystals, but what we don’t know is that these crystals have the healing power to balance the body & mental mechanism.

On wearing the crystals or simply by just placing them on the body, creates a powerful vibratory effect and creates an aura for you to heal down.

However every crystal can be used for different purposes, but they work well with your chakras and organs to expedite the physical and emotional healing, as well as providing energy protection. 

Switch To Divine Nature

Our body shares a great camaraderie with nature, and it is not known to many of us. We simply take up the travel to enjoy, but what we fail to fathom that there is a big glut of advantages lying with the travel if it is taken with a holistic approach.

Yes, the very concept of holistic travel helps the travelers to unleash the healing side of the travel and get healed for your unnecessary stress and anxiety which pile on your health and can leave you sick and tense.

You can check more engaging holistic travel options with one of the best travel apps to attain pure vibes fitness, not just for your health, but for your mind & soul as well.

This would help you to combat the stress oozing from different aspects of life, and leave you grounded and refreshed, so you would feel stronger and more anchored.

Activate Your Sacred Space

No, I am not referring to creating or placing your room or office space, but what I am talking about this time is the subtle energy field surrounding your body.  Yes, your very much own sacred space, where your intentions are pious and you think nothing wrong about others or thinking to revenge others, but there is harmony, peace, and forgiveness.

To activate this, you need to follow a purity ritual, in which you light candles, read holy words or positive notes, play soothing music and there you don’t complain but count the blessings you have.

While you’re using these techniques, never forget to stay positive and pick the best out of the situations. You must not let frustration, anger, or disgust to set in when you are confronted with negative energy. You must start with replacing the darkness into light, where the intention of your noble work must reflect.

One should not forget that as the fact of light and the darkness exist so the negative & positive energy, and failing to protect the bubble of positivity leaves you drained and vulnerable. Staying with only positive people around you cannot be a chosen aspect, as you need to deal with the demanding work and personal situations every passing hour, but energizing yourself with the positivity and not get affected by spaces.

Therefore it is better to practice the above-mentioned ways to protect your energy and reach PVTG to unleash the pool of holistic practices which can help you upgrade your positive approach.

Love Is The Most Powerful Protection And Spread It As Much As You Can!

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