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By | June 7 2019
Mikhail Davis

Mikhail Davis, a young entrepreneur, with charisma in his eyes and a spark to do, who has vision to bring a change in the way aspire to live a healthy life. It has little to do with solely traveling, but everything to do with how deeply you are connected to your body, and this planet (the greatest mother of them all).

Dealing with stress, is not sufficed to a specific class or age, it can haunt you for years to come and has the evil trap to spoil your present and future, please go along with what your doctors say but also acknowledge that you are your greatest doctor too. Meditate; connect with all your vortexes. Practice earthing; sit on grass especially under a tree and seek guidance from the greatest mother, Earth. Enlarge your thinking. Expand your mind and heal within.” – Mikhail Davis

PVTG has endless options to stir the need of a holistic lifestyle, we all get swamped by the excessive stress and looking forward to unwind, which keeps pressing us towards a worry pool, and we can’t find one simple way to move away from the excessive load of depression, therein PVTG steps in, helps in finding the real-meaning of life while traveling to some of the places, which offer you more than what you ever wanted to attain peace and positivity in your life..

Are you willing to know what exactly PVTG offers, so without any further ado, let’s get into discussion with Mr. Mikhail Davis, the proud founder, and CEO of Pure Vibes, which has many social caring verticals, and PVTG is just one of the aspects…He recently gave us an insider's look at his unique and much popular mobile app, which does not fit the conventional approach of traveling, but is something different.

Here are the secret ingredients from the conversation with Mikhail, let’s read ahead….

Just give us a Brief introduction about you ?

I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2013, with Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration. After graduation I began working internationally, for an American Embassy Construction Company. The journey traveling and working overseas has helped me to find my true self. Being able to interact with people all over the world, has given me the gift of being able to be more compassionate and having empathy with humans on a stronger level.

Spending time in Ubud, Bali played a major role of my understanding of the holistic lifestyle and all of the wonderful benefits that come with it.

How your app is different from other traveling portal …

Pure Vibes Travel Guide differs from other travel apps because it allows a HOLISTIC approach with travel. To know more stay tuned to PVTG app, and let the magic be unfolded then.

How did you get this idea of PVTG? What situation or circumstances triggered you?

I always wanted to launch an app that would truly serve people. My favorite Universal Law is the Law of Vibrational Frequency. By understanding the law, it forged a path in my mind ultimately leading to the PVTG concept. The goal is to raise the Earth’s vibrational frequency; we are all connected through a field of vibration.

I felt it was important to make it easier for people to be able to connect with themselves while traveling.

Sure, we can all do the very common activity of getting a massage while traveling which is considered a holistic practice. Why not take it to another level? Many people want to connect deeper to themselves but find it difficult to locate those practices that allow for a deeper inner connection.

Once we begin to take time and listen to our bodies, it opens up the doors to a more rooted understanding of our true selves.

Why you planned to launch it in Medellín ?

Medellín is a beautiful place filled with vibrant energy. The city sits 4,905 feet above sea level (1,496 Km) in a Valley, with a 360 degree view of mountains.

Medellín is in an interesting age. It has worked extremely hard to clean up the dark times of Pablo Escobar; and still continues to clean up the image. I must say, I can feel the progression, each day the city feels safer and safer.
Because of this transition, the city presents many entrepreneurial opportunities. The holistic community is decent sized but unfortunately it takes a considerable amount of time to identify all of the different holistic channels within Medellín.

So the opportunity to launch PVTG in Medellín almost seemed like a no brainer. I want to connect the city’s holistic community. Doing so will strengthen the community as a whole which in turn, will contribute to the city’s forward progression of safety.

What challenges were you trying to address with Techugo?

Techugo has been amazing to me. Working with the firm has been a pleasure. The staff involved with the Pure Vibes app has put their hearts into the development and marketing of the app. I am truly grateful for their energy, and I cannot say enough about their efforts to bring my vision to a reality.

How Techugo met this demand?

Techugo met this demand in many ways. Always showing patience throughout the entire project. Also their response time was exceptional.
It was a blessing being able to share my ideas and thoughts with Techugo. Even though they are a software developing company, they have acted as a consultant agency. Guiding me and my ideas in the right directions.

The result: Pure Vibes Travel Guide. First app of its kind…

Our slogan is .. Finding Nirvana with Pure Vibes

Do you think this app would change the face of holistic travel?

Absolutely, I believe the app will bring millions of people worldwide closer to a state of connectivity with their inner selves, which will spark positives transformations within individuals. These transformations will create ripple effects felt in every corner of the world; spreading light and positivity.

What’s your take on existing traveling portal?

The travel app industry is comprised of a vast and large array of different concepts- all with the same denominator; aiding people while traveling.

It’s a competitive beast.. I believe PVTG Niche will allow it to find its place within the industry quite easily.

What did you find most impressive about PVTG?

What I find most impressive about PVTG app, is the ability to be able to address all of my holistic needs in one place. I save time by bypassing lengthy Google searches.

Well, this is the excerpts from a quick conversation with Mikhail Davis, who is all set to create a revolution with his incredibly different holistic mobile app.

You can mark your calendars as sooner PVTG is all set to create a difference to your life. Check out every bit of progress made in the PVTG, through its social channels and subscribe and follow to get the latest update.

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