Basketball; A Language That Everyone Understands

By | May 30 2019

Sports is the most unifying tool for peace in the world

On an honest note, it is not the first time in my life, when I’ve been struck by the thought that sports is the most unifying and inspiring development and peace tool in the world. This thought has been a part of my existence, since my teenage years, when I would spend time in Africa with my mom. We would donate clothes, toys, and food to local orphanages and arranged football games for orphans, but above all, we shared our time, which helped me to evolve incredibly.

During my teenage years I played multiple sports, each sport was able to provide valuable life lessons that I use today. But basketball always had my heart— kept me out of trouble, and also held me accountable with regards to making good grades. I spent 3 summer vacations in Africa during high school, by the end of the third summer. I knew I wanted to empower kids in Third-world countries through Athletic Programs, beginning with basketball. This is somehow very similar to a mentorship program or a support system.

I know not many of us prefer to spend the vibrant summer teen-life exploring Africa. I chose to because there is no charm in enjoying the blessings of my life without helping people in need. Third-world countries have always been my area of interests, and mind it, this has not come out of any compulsion, but the core passion I have within me.

Now, reverting back to my motive behind this post… I can tell you there are not many social activities that can bring people together in such great numbers and with so much passion and enjoyment. A sport is the quintessential example of a meritocracy.

This conviction has grown along with me and through the reinforcement of volunteer work I have participated in around the world. I believe basketball is a sport for development and peace. Furthermore, I also believe teaching the sport and creating happiness in the hearts of children all over the world, will truly make our earth a better place.

Why Basketball?

Why not any other sport, but Basketball?

First I want to say,

Basketball in Colombia is not very popular amongst kids, however there is a growing interest. The opportunity to explore and expand on this interest can create a positive ripple effect for generations to come.

To answer the question on a macro level; since we all very well comprehend that regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, basketball, and most sports for that matter have the ability to create momentum of happiness among us all. With regards to the children, it can instill core values that teach how to handle life’s up’s and downs.

Needless to say but playing Basketball creates a dialogue between players and by playing together, the young buds unwittingly learn the universal values of respect, tolerance, and fair play.

Basketball unifies. Basketball brings people together.

The satisfaction you attain after seeing a smile, and the unspoken gratitude filled in the eyes is worth much more than a Millions of dollars. This sense brings you closer to the holistic approach…that feeling when you are relaxed and at peace after putting your efforts on doing charities for children.

A Word About Viento Fresco

Viento Fresco is a faith-based, non-profit children’s center serving approximately 200 children and their families daily from Monday through Friday.

Located in the city of Medellin, Colombia, in South America, they serve the underprivileged in the neighborhood of Niquitao for more than fourteen years. The children at Viento Fresco receive more than 75% of their daily nutrition at the center.

Basketball With Viento Fresco

At this heavenly abode, there is already an athletic program for Football & Volleyball. I decided to integrate Basketball to help stretch the love of togetherness in their athletic program.

Within the program, I intend to bring Basketball into play and support holistic causes as well. Further, Basketball improves individual health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and teaches important values and social skills to the players.

When such positive vibes are being taught to the kids from a very early age, then it marks a completely different approach for better growth.  Moreover, at Pure Vibes Global, our main aim is intact the holistic approach towards life and practice the best measures to live a life full of meaning.

To create a passage between the Pure Vibes Global’s aim and the feel of togetherness through Basketball, we at Pure Vibes are organizing a “Basketball Day” in hopes to generate enough interests in the sport which will lead to a Pure Vibes Global & Viento Fresco collaborative Summer Basketball program.

A Quick Glance about “Basketball Day” initiative

We strongly believe, basketball doesn’t just empower on an individual basis; it also unites and inspires people collectively, which builds communities. So with association with Viento Fresco, on 31st May 2019, Pure Vibes Global will be bringing one of the most engaging and awareness-raising events in the Niquitao community.

There will be Music, Food and of course the opportunity to spin that ball in the air, with some known stalwarts of basketball.

The kids will have the opportunity to watch, play and register themselves for the upcoming summer camp for Basketball.

So let’s get together to bring millions of people together to achieve social good through Basketball sponsored by Pure Vibes Global.

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