3 Most Relaxing Destinations To Visit This Summer

By | May 24 2019
most relaxing destinations

Summer is all set to heat up the continent, and surely you would be looking for an escape from the scorching heat of the sun, and fluctuating temperature of your workplace. Indeed, this is the right time to explore some naturally rich places with bountiful activities that rejuvenate soul and replace the tired and pissed energy of the body into a vibrant and magnetic one.

Travel enthusiast and even rich people share this idea that to be fit, happy, fulfilled, motivated, vibrant, to feel alive, and to be passionate, the change of place and explore new things are important. That's why a lot of people all around the world pick up their backpacks and start searching for their inner soul at various yoga & meditation centers. But some of them only scramble for the peace and relaxation among nature.

And! I personally love the idea of exploring nature. If you think like me, here are some most relaxing, exciting, unique and alluring destinations that you should explore, and relish the essence of mother nature's gift to humans.

Cook Islands: Floating Paradise in South Pacific

Do you love snorkeling? Or fancy to float over the blue crystal clear water and different colors of fishes playing under the surface? Well! I am already overwhelmed with the amusement of this thought.

Cook island is a perfect place for snorkeling in crystal-clear lagoons and gleaming coral reefs. The glory of nature's beauty is eternal here. Due to its geographical shape and location that includes emergence of lush clad volcano from the azure ocean, affluent reef encircling the Isle off the south and east coast, it is most popular location among the travel lovers.

The panorama of the islands includes coconut palms swaying with gentle touch of air, fine & glittery white sand, and air brimming with flower scent, which makes it an unforgettable experience. After landing to this island, you won't be able to wrest yourself from its mesmeric beaches.

Glean snorkeling and diving encounters especially off the Muri. Here you can spot dazzling fishes fluttering past your mask. Relish the essence of Maori culture at "island night", where song bonanzas, dances, and lip smacking food will blow your mind.

Note: August is the best month to visit this destination located in the Gulf of Thailand. You can get the direct short flight from Auckland, Pape’ete, and LA serve Rarotonga; And by air Aitutaki is 50 minutes from Rarotonga.

Italy's countryside - A Retreat To Ancient Rome

Indeed, Italy is hardly a secret holiday destination, especially when the country experiences en masses numbers of travelers in summer. Though, picking the right destination can bring you real joy and amusement. Once you decide on the right place like "Umbria" the country will become a splendid experience for you. Umbria is a quieter place of Tuscany. Admired for rolling hillsides, this medieval-walled hill town has buckets full of regional gems to offer that includes classy Italian food, wine and more. During the summer, the destination has fewer visitors.

With untouched landscape in the lushly green winding valley, this place is amazing its visitors from years. But April to June and September to October, it stays uncrowded and alluring. Brimming with numbers of hills, mountains, lush green plains and hallows, the whole region begins with Tiber's central basin. This is located in the heart of Italy, including splendid Lake Trasimeno, which is largest lake of Italy.

July to august is the peak season when the weather stays pleasant and romantic. Perugia is Umbria's provincial capital that receives international flight. During your trip, you can explore Rome, Ancona, and Florence, which are a short drive away through the train. Though, remember car hire is important for exploring the remarkable destinations of this neighborhood.

Medellín - Europe in Colombia

Have you heard about Medellín? Yes! it is the city of eternal spring. An exquisitely beautiful town, situated in a narrow valley, surrounded by lushly clad mountains and splendid panorama. Owing to its mystic air, skyline reaching for heavens makes it a must visit. Its pleasant climate and green parks invite a lot of tourists every year. The city has numbers of botanical gardens and science museums, which makes a city of innovative and artistic escapes. Here science lovers can learn about different methodologies, and spot the magnificent specimens of art created by locals. With dreamlike landscape, vibrant nightlife and sky touching edifies, makes it a wonderful experience for tourists.

There you can enjoy various things such as exploring slum transformed into a piece of art, where every house, street, and roof are adorned with different colors that show the brutal history of the city. Altogether, the city has very friendly crowd that gather on the streets during various festivals, events. Here you can experience a mesmeric atmosphere fused with zeal, zest, and joy.

Here you can enjoy various adventure sports such as paragliding, hiking and forest strolling. Medellín is located in Colombia, where you can reach by air. The city gleans pleasant weather throughout the year, so there is no need for thinking about best time to visit the city. Though

These three destinations are great places to find peace and salvation. A week trip to these destinations can replace your inner self with more energetic, calm, vibrant and happy one. Relaxation at these places will rejuvenate your mind and heal your body. All of your work stress will fade away, as there are various places for relaxation and meditation. To know more about various such destinations all across the world, reach to PVTG-Pure Vibes Travel Guide, that allows you to browse major city attractions, places of relaxation such as yoga and meditation centers, all across the world. It is a mobile application that brings the all travel related information in most handiest and easy way. To know more, get in touch.

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